Kyiv, Ukraine

In July a group of German writers came to Kyiv. Together with Ukrainian illustrators from
Pictoric, they began to explore the topic of human rights in Ukraine.

What changes are we experiencing? Who is the most vulnerable to these changes? How to support and strengthen human rights? Together the group sought artistic answers to these questions.

Migration problems, gender discrimination, on nationality and sexual orientation, challenges of the digital era, censorship. Such topics were raised during talks with human rights activists Maksym Butkevich, Nadia Babynska-Virna, Elizabeth Sokurenko, Mykola Netudichata, Aksyniya Kurina and Anton Ivanov.

Zaborona team speaks on complex topics that other media do not dare to raise. War, Roma, drugs, neo-Nazis, beauty contests, and so on,these topics often lead to huge discussions. Anna Bilous and Roman Stepanovich talked about their work in the media: how they are looking and revealing stories, communicating with readers and promoting their project.

ПThe project is implemented with the support of the program “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Meetings “, Foundation “Memory, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ).
With financial support:

media project Zaborona
Goethe-Institut in Ukraine
Orthodox Books / Coffee / Illustration
Aksinya Kurina, Anton Ivanov
Post Tyler Gallery
City of Cologne
Cultural Office Cologne
Sasha Klein

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